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Last Update May 3, 2023

With the power of storytelling, countries have the opportunity to showcase their cultures, values, and histories on a global stage. At Diplomatic Insight Self-Publishing, we believe that stories are one of the most powerful tools for foreign relations, as they offer a chance to connect with people from around the world in an engaging way. Stories can create connections between countries that would not be possible without them.

Our strategy is simple: we help nations craft captivating stories about themselves and then use KDP as our primary platform for sharing those stories with audiences from all over the globe. We are passionate about helping you bring your country’s unique story to life through self-publishing an e-book or paperback on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

By taking advantage of KDP’s vast audience combined with our professional touch, we can help put your nation on the map and establish its presence in today’s competitive international arena of ideas. At Diplomatic Insight Self-Publishing, we don’t just write books; we craft lasting impressions through literature that will enhance your country’s brand identity long after readers finish them. Our team has years of experience crafting compelling manuscripts that capture key aspects of each culture while remaining true to their core message. When you decide to work with us at Diplomatic Insight Self-Publishing, you can rest assured knowing that every page reflects accuracy and authenticity in delivering memorable tales that further advance a nation along its path toward progress on the world stage!

How do we do it?

  1. Research a Unique Content

Our process kicks off with us doing research into the stories and experiences that best define your nation’s identity. With your help, we will scour through archives of events, customs, and traditions to pinpoint what resonates most with the people living in the country. Our specialists then collaborate with you using interactive brainstorming activities to explore those various narratives more deeply, resulting in an accurate representation of your culture and heritage.

  1. Create a Unique Brand Positioning

The goal is to create a powerful, one-of-a-kind brand that resonates with your target audience. We’ll help you focus on memorable logos, taglines, and social media profiles to get maximum attention and create an effective identity. To start the process off right, we’ll research what sets your country apart from others and compile it into a unique overall message that celebrates its uniqueness.

From there, we will brainstorm creative pieces such as visuals and videos and develop landing pages and ad campaigns to further promote the positioning of your brand. By tailoring topics specifically for each audience segmented by age range or gender, interests, preferences, etc., this targeted strategy allows us to zone in on available customers to heighten visibility while increasing engagement. In summary, our comprehensive process helps deliver results that make you stand out!

  1. Develop Engaging Content

Craft compelling stories. With experienced and knowledgeable writers to guide you, we can work together to create engaging content that is 100% original and captures your country’s distinct flavor. Whether it’s books, websites, or social media posts, our team will collaborate closely with you to ensure each story resonates with readers on an emotional level. From fleshing out the characters in fictional works to crafting persuasive messages for non-fiction projects, we believe interesting and memorable writing should always be the goal.

  1. Use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

At KDP, you can conveniently get your stories out there for the world to see and have a more enormous impact. We’ll walk you through proper titles, categories, and marketing strategies that will help your work stand out and reach more eyes. So let’s spread the word – We’ll improve book titles, choose the correct categories, and use effective marketing techniques. Your stories will attract and captivate readers all over the world.

  1. Make your country’s brand stronger.

Once your content is made available online and to readers across the globe, our marketing team will roll out an extensive plan to help market it. This approach includes targeted social media campaigns, press releases, and teaming up with influential people in order to make sure that your country’s stories reach a large audience.

Hi, We are Diplomatic insight Self Publishing

Farhat Asif, co-founder and President of Diplomatic Insight Self Publishing, is an award-winning researcher and accomplished strategist, advising governments, corporations, and institutions with 15 years of experience in foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations, and political risk analysis. She also promotes public diplomacy initiatives, fostering education, culture, and business connections worldwide.

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