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Would you like to share your lifetime experience as a best-selling author with a global audience of 300 million readers in 11 international markets translating into 11 different languages? Then look no further. Diplomatic Insight Self Publishing offers a unique and extensive program that can help you save your time under the budget and beyond expectations.


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Taimoor Bamazai

Taimoor Bamazai, a UK accounting degree holder and Amazon FBA Strategist serves as CO FOUNDER AND COO at Diplomatic Insight Self Publishing. With 7 years of experience in internet marketing, he possesses extensive expertise in PPC, social media, and eCommerce, driving groundbreaking achievements in global publishing markets with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Farhat Asif

FOUNDER and CEO of Diplomatic Insight Self Publishing, is an award-winning researcher and accomplished strategist, advising governments, corporations, and institutions with 15 years of experience in foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations, and political risk analysis. She also promotes public diplomacy initiatives, fostering education, culture, and business connections worldwide.


What are various types of Self-Publishing models?
  1. Subsidy Based: The cost of printing and binding the book is covered by the author. A percentage of the cost to edit, distribute, and sell the book is covered by the publisher.
  2. Vanity Based: The author regulates the book, pays for all services, and gets paid out directly from all sales.
  3. Self-Publishing: The author is responsible for the publication's production, marketing, distribution, and stocks.
  4. Print on Demand: Authors can make their book available online without having to promise a certain number of sales. Even a single book may be ordered by the author.
What is an ISBN?

ISBNs are unique number identifiers for books and other publications. Libraries, bookstores, and other book industry businesses use it to identify books by their 13-digit ISBN numbers. The ISBN lists the book's publisher, country, and edition. This helps bookstores identify and order books and ensures readers buy or borrow the right edition.The ISBN and barcode on the back of a book can be used to look for and buy books online.

What is Book Meta Data?

Book metadata describes a book to assist readers and booksellers identify, classify, and organise it. Title, author, publisher, publishing date, ISBN, genre, and subject categories are usually included.Cover art, summary, reviews, and endorsements are also metadata. Publishers or distributors supply this information to shops, libraries, and online bookstores to help readers find and buy books.Search engines and discovery platforms employ book metadata to index and show users relevant books based on their interests and search queries. Metadata helps a book be found and read.

How Do I set the selling price of my book?

The price of a book depends on how much it costs to make. You can select the retail price of your book and determine the profits you would make from each copy sold after determining the production costs of your book based on the number of pages, book format, book size, and book type.

How much time does it take to bring the book into market?

If the script has previously been revised, the publication process typically takes two to four weeks. Depending on the size of the book, additional work such as copy editing may take an additional two to three weeks.

How many copies of the book will you publish?

To prevent the book from running low on stock, the inventory is printed-on-demand (POD) based on sales velocity. The self-publishing platform of Diplomatic Insight works with a number of print partners to ensure that your book is printed and sent to your customer within the specified turnaround time. This makes sure that whenever customers order your book, it will always be the most recent edition.

Will I get post-publish support?

Absolutely! We support our clients even after their books are published. Our team resolves difficulties quickly and ensures that clients' books remain high-quality and relevant. To keep the book up-to-date, relevant, and accurate, we offer advice on updating material or making changes to the listing. Our crew is also prepared to handle any unforeseen technological difficulties, such as distribution or formatting problems.

We also offer advice on post-publication marketing and promotion tactics, assisting writers in maximizing the exposure of their books and reaching their intended readership. This might include ideas for advertisements, social media campaigns, or other marketing initiatives that can boost book sales and increase readership.

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