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E-Book Publishing for Diplomat Self-Publishers: A Comprehensive Guide

Last Update May 15, 2023

Self-publishing is the ideal option to share your writing with the world while retaining creative control over it if you’ve always wanted to be a published author. This article will outline the nine easy procedures for self-publishing an eBook. If you follow along, you’ll be able to quickly get your book ready for readers!

1. Strain your content

It’s always important to stress the need to carefully review and edit your eBook. Be sure to triple-check your pages. It’s advantageous to self-publish books in most eBook formats since you can go back and edit them if you find a mistake, but it’s best to do it right the first time. When a reader comes across your work for the first time, finding numerous faults can be quite off-putting and easily deter them from reading further. Ask for assistance from a professional editor, other authors, friends, family, or coworkers to assess consistency and flow in addition to the standard spelling and grammar checks.

Second, consider if your eBook has to contain all of your content. Are there any logically occurring gaps in your work that might be suitable for serialization? This is an excellent way to increase the revenue-generating potential of your content and create new marketing options.

2. Choose a unique cover for your book

Ensuring the appropriate cover design for one’s self-published eBook is of utmost importance. It is important to take into account that prospective readers may be perusing multiple rows of electronic books on their device’s display. Therefore, it is imperative that your book cover is visually appealing and consistent with the genre you have selected. An additional challenge that must be considered is the ability of the image to be visually distinctive even when presented in a reduced size, commonly referred to as a thumbnail. If the budget permits, it is advisable to contemplate collaborating with a professional designer to ensure the optimal execution of this aspect of your eBook.

3. Pick the proper format

There exist three distinct formats that one may contemplate for their electronic book. The ultimate decision will predominantly hinge on the nature of the content employed and the intended distribution channels for the completed book.

Reflowable eBooks

Reflowable electronic books are ideally suited for literary works and other publications that are primarily composed of textual content. The feature enables the text to be adjusted in size and proportion, facilitating readability and continuity across multiple pages. Reflowable electronic books have the potential to be marketed and distributed through both the Amazon Kindle Store and the Apple iBook’s Store.

Fixed Layout eBooks

Fixed-layout eBooks are particularly suitable for enriched eBooks that incorporate multimedia elements or for content that is heavily illustrated. By employing a fixed layout, the content is confined to its designated page layout, thereby maintaining the intentional design choices made by the creator. By utilizing this particular format, it is possible to arrange for the sale of your ebook on various platforms such as the Blurb Bookstore, Amazon, and the Apple iBook’s Store.


PDF files are a versatile format that can be easily shared and viewed on various devices. Additionally, they can be marketed for commercial purposes through the Blurb Bookstore. One limitation of this format is its lack of multimedia functionality. Additionally, these files have a tendency to be of significant size and are not optimized for utilization on mobile or tablet devices.

4. Meta Data will enhance your ebook visibility

The words and phrases you choose to describe your book, such as the title, author’s name and biography, and book description or blurb, are referred to as “book metadata.” Potential readers will be able to find your book with the use of this information. To direct customers to pertinent products or content, online shops like Amazon and internet search engines like Google use keywords. Therefore, these pertinent keywords should be included in your book’s metadata.

Do a simple brainstorm first. What key phrases would you use to find your independently published eBook? After doing so, reduce your list to between 10 and 20 focused words or phrases. Then do an Amazon search to gauge each’s applicability. Are there links to books that are similar to yours in the search results? Once you’ve created a list of keywords, incorporate them as naturally as possible into your author biography, book description, and potentially even your title or subtitle.

5. Set the price

A significant advantage of self-publishing an electronic book is that the lowered expenses associated with production and distribution result in an increased profit margin. It is important to note that the minimal expenses associated with producing eBooks are also reflected in the pricing structure, as customers anticipate paying less for an electronic version compared to a physical copy.

A recommended initial step in determining the appropriate pricing strategy for your book is to conduct a comparative analysis of the pricing of analogous books available through the retailers you intend to utilize. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the target, however, there are additional factors to take into account.

6. Promote your E-book

Similar to the case of a physical book, the promotion of a self-published eBook requires a considerable investment of time and resources. The creation of an author website holds immense value. The website has the potential to function as the central point of a company’s marketing plan. It gives you the chance to create a mailing list of supporters and followers, establish your author brand, and—most importantly—provide direct links to the stores that are selling your book.

7. Create a KDP account

Utilize an online marketplace such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to enhance the dissemination and exposure of your self-published electronic book. The act of listing an ebook on the platform incurs no cost, and the platform offers a user-friendly interface for sales management and global marketing, with the potential to access a vast readership of millions on Amazon. Furthermore, the user retains autonomy over their rights and possesses the ability to modify their ebook listing at their discretion.

8. Formulate a team of marketing professionals

Executing a triumphant eBook launch necessitates strategic preparation and collaborative efforts, thereby negating the notion of a solitary endeavor. Rather than relying on traditional advertising methods, it may be advantageous to mobilize a group of advocates and utilize interpersonal communication to disseminate the information.

Consider individuals within your personal and professional circles who possess qualities that could render them valuable members of a team. Such individuals may exhibit a strong sense of loyalty, a desire to provide support, a substantial online presence, or specialized skill sets. It is recommended to make a personalized request to each individual when seeking assistance with a specific task, rather than utilizing mass emails. It is also suggested to emphasize the significance of the eBook launch to the requester. It is advisable to confirm the participants’ commitment to the project closer to the launch day, even if they initially expressed a positive response, to ensure that everyone is aware of their obligations.

9. Publish your work

Upon the arrival of the anticipated day, one can possess a sense of assurance that all necessary preparations have been executed for a triumphant launch of the electronic book. It is now time to proceed with uploading your formatted eBook to both the Blurb Bookstore and your KDP account, which is certainly a cause for celebration. Subsequently, disseminate a distinctive electronic mail notification to your roster of recipients with the exhilarating update, arrange a recitation or online seminar, or conduct a question-and-answer session on various social media platforms. Enjoy commemorating the publication of your eBook.

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