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How to market your Self-Published Book: Strategies and Tools

Last Update May 5, 2023

Selling your self-published book might be difficult, especially if it’s your first time publishing and you’re unsure of how to market it. It’s a good idea to start by learning about the resources you have at your disposal and how to sell a self-published book. If you consider promoting and selling your business book as early in the writing and publishing process as you can, it is perfectly feasible to sell thousands of copies of it. Regardless of where you are in the self-publishing process, the following are some key book promotion ideas you can take to market your book.

  • Target the right audience

If you identify your target audience, you’ll have a much easier time figuring out how to promote your book. It’s likely that you already know who your audience is, but you might need to divide it into more manageable subgroups. Identifying the target markets for your self-published book is the first step in marketing it. You need to consider your book’s category, the key themes, and what it gives the reader in order to identify your target audience. Your audience will benefit from your replies to these questions if you have thoroughly evaluated those three factors. As you discover how to advertise a book to individuals most likely to buy it, you can put the following tactics into practice once you’ve identified who your target is.

  • Get a professional website

Having a professional website is an essential step in giving your book more credibility. It also gives potential readers the chance to explore your past works, discover more about you and the inspiration behind them, and learn anything else you would want them to know. Additionally, directing your marketing efforts to your own website rather than Amazon or another book retailer is far more professional. 

A website provides the opportunity to gather email addresses by offering a valuable incentive, such as a discount code or an ebook, in exchange. This enables the establishment of a personal email newsletter list, which can be utilized to maintain a receptive audience for future book releases. It is important to ensure that your website exhibits a professional appearance and that your branding is uniform.

  • Establish an online presence and start interacting with your audience

Creating an online presence might be one of the most crucial methods you employ when trying to sell your self-published book. After setting up your author’s website or blog and social media profiles, start interacting with your audience. Follow users on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram who you believe would be interested in your book, and start engaging with their posts. Make careful to follow writers and artists who have also worked in your area of interest. Think of it as networking: the more individuals you can connect with, the more successful your sales will be.

Create a connection with your audience. If you are honest in your interactions with the individuals you sell to, they may grow to be friends and lifelong contacts who may help you and your book. An excellent method of marketing your book without bothering your fans is to provide periodic teasers or updates on the writing and publishing process on social media networks. This may be a successful strategy for generating interest in your book before its release.

  • Get Amazon Reviews

If you’ve written a book, it’s imperative that it be sold on Amazon regardless of where or how you published it. The website is the primary proponent of literary works, and its visitors arrive with the intention to make purchases. Reviews can aid potential readers in determining whether or not to purchase a book amidst an abundance of other options unless they are actively seeking out the specific book in question. The quantity and caliber of reviews are commonly linked to the excellence of a book, thus obtaining a greater number of favorable reviews is advantageous. 

There are two ways you can get these reviews. At first, it is advisable to request friends, relatives, and connections (inclusive of email subscribers and social media contacts) to provide a review subsequent to the publication of your book. Subsequently, it is possible to evaluate literature within one’s respective genre and explore critiques authored by individuals whom Amazon has designated as leading reviewers. Typically, the contact information of these reviewers can be located on their Amazon profiles, and it is possible to initiate contact by inquiring if they would be inclined to review your book. A considerable number of individuals may be determined to engage in the activity if you are willing to provide them with a copy of your book.

  • Try Amazon Ads

Although Amazon ads are classified as advertising rather than marketing, they can serve as an effective means of boosting book sales. Although there is an initial cost involved, it could potentially be advantageous to invest in promoting your book to reach a wider audience that may not have discovered it otherwise. One of the advantages of Amazon advertisements is the ability to execute a campaign that is centered on search terms, which are the keywords that users input into the Amazon search bar. Additionally, it is possible to run advertisements that are concentrated on books that are similar to yours. This approach ensures that when a user searches for a competitor’s book, her book will also be displayed.

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